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M. Corbière

How did you acquire this beautiful Château ?
The Château Le Mayne Cabanot belongs us since 3 generations. At that time, my grandfather was a shoemaker and had the estate in tenant farming. My parents took the estate over. When I installed myself, in 1992, as a winegrower I took plots in tenant farming and thereafter I bought plots and the Château Haut Bascla where I live actually. I now possess 45Ha of vine and I am also in charge of the 60Ha of the Château Le Mayne Cabanot’s vines, where my sister Cecile, lives. She also have her estate.

Why being part of a cooperative winery ?
My father is one of the founders of the Winery of Rauzan. The vines that I took in tenant farming belonged to the cooperative winery. For these two reasons I preferred, to widen, to extend the area of my estate instead of building my own winery, especially as when I wanted to widen good opportunities have appeared.

You are a responsible cultivation since you are committed in the Agriconfiance (French certification label which guarantee a more respectful approach of the environment) approach, what does it daily mean ?
Daily, it means that we are aware of the environment. We try to reduce at the maximum our phytosanitary inhibition and we do not use sprout control inhibition. Regarding the estate’s management, we had to change our system of size. We switch from the size in unilateral method (also known as Cordon de Royat) into Guyot simple size.

You come to Bordeaux ?
Let’s discover the biodiversity of our vineyard !