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M. Ladouche

M. Ladouche, we would like to know the history of your Château, can you share it with us ?

My grandparents started the winegrowing in the 40s. From the beginning they decided to join the Rauzan Winery for simplicity reasons. As for my parents they were not winegrowers until 1987 when my father became unemployed. At this period he decided to work on the 14Ha of vine that we owned. It’s during this same period, when I was 14 years old that I had to stop my cooking studies to winegrowing studies. Today, I am in charge of 30Ha of vine, whose 4Ha are in fully property, the rest is leased.
You are certified Agriconfiance (French certification label which guarantee a more respectful
approach of the environment), what has it change in your way of working ?

The winery had already anticipates this approach by creating herself cultivation specification. It was a 3 years program, which made us invest frequently. Therefore, when we’ve gotten closer to the Agriconfiance certification everything was already conform to its standards. One point of the specification is to reduce the weeding area, which allows to reduce the quantities of weedkiller’s without any impact on the vine. However, the impact is clearly reduced on the environment! This approach is good because it’s allowed some winegrowers to stop doing whatever. Thanks to the Agriconfiance certification we learned to be more meticulous.
An anecdote on your vineyard ?

I remember my grandparent’s time when the grape harvest was handmade. Every year the same grape harvesters were coming with their guitars. At night after a long day of work they were doing small concerts for themselves and the women were dancing flamenco. It was a wonderful time!

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