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M. Bonnefin

Mr. BONNEFIN, what is the history of your property ?
My grandparents started in the winegrowing in the family. My parents did not wished to take the cultivation over but it is true that it is an occupation that I always liked then when I had the opportunity I baking a winegrower that was in 1997. Firstly I was my grandparents’ trainee, before becoming their agricultural worker. Thereafter they sold me some of their lands. Today I am looking to extend and that why, this year, I bought the Château Le Berjuquey who used to belongs to my neighbor and that was in leased to Mr. CIRA, a member of the winery.

You are certified Agriconfiance (French certification label which guarantee a more respectful approach of the environment), what do you think of this approach ?
I think that it is an approach which forces the winegrowers to evolve faster and therefore to have a better impact on the environment faster.

Pourquoi être en cave coopérative ?
My grandparents were already part of a cooperative winery. I wanted to follow up the tradition and it is true that when I installed myself I had to deal with big investments for the property and invest more to have my own winery would not have been possible. I also think that the winery produces really good wines.

Sie fliegen nach Bordeaux ?
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