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M. Vazelle

What is the history of the Château Haut Mazières ?
In the early twentieth century, Mr. Martin EMILE, nurseryman, decide to come back from Brazil were he used to cultivate coffee to plant 1Ha of vine. My father, Gilbert VAZELLE, who was Emile’s son-in-law, possessed 3Ha that he started to bring to the Rauzan Winery in 1944. I installed myself in 1971.
At this time I had 9Ha of vines when in 1990, I bought the 14Ha of vine of the Château Haut Mazières.

Why are you following the Agriconfiance (French certification label which guarantee a more
respectful approach of the environment) approach ?

It has allowed me to take some awareness about the environment. I, indeed, try to limit my impact on the environment.

Why are you part of a cooperative winery ?
I appreciate the values that the cooperative passes on. We have always been a family of cooperatives winegrowers. Being in a cooperative winery allows me to interact with the other members on their way of working.

Вы приезжаете в Бордо?
Мы Вас приглашаем на экскурсию – биоразнообразия – в нашем винограднике !